May 2019 Update

New merc squadmates with voices, soft ray traced shadows, sleek HUD mockup, heavy enemy character models, optimized saving, grenade launchers and more!

May 2019
Dude getting shot

Still having fun with hit reactions 🙂

By the way, that’s the new character model for the friendly mercs. The rigging is still WIP. Voiced by Professional Mr. Phann.

Got them in game and following the player, check out this gameplay video

Hud Mockup

Hud Mockup

Quick mockup of a new Hud. The last one was made pretty quickly. This one aims to be less intrusive and more readable. The silly text is a placeholder, from the new Blade Runner 2049 movie 😛

Soft Shadows

Still doing some research on this, but found a way to get softer shadows and better performance.

The harsh shadows/lighting in the last demo wasn’t exactly a design choice but a quick and easy solution. This will allow us to budget for more lights and create more realistic environments.

May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
May 2019

Heavy Soldier

May 2019

Heavy bullet spongey character is almost ready, just needs to be rigged. This guy can take a lot of bullets before going down.

Instant Autosaves

If you played the last demo, you probably had to deal with those awful 10+ second long autosaves. Finally replaced that brute force solution with a more elegant one, there’s still a slight hitch but with some optimization it will be seamless.

Instant Autosave

Prototype Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Been prototyping a grenade launcher (model WIP).

Other news:

Kopter is working on doing a professional rigging pass on the characters and FP arms. We’ve started gathering references and models for guns and planning out the animations. Expect some much higher quality first person animations soon!

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